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UK Visa Application In Nigeria 2020 -The Essential Guide

Get the correct facts and procedures about UK visa types, visa fees, required documents and processing times during your UK visa application in Nigeria.

On May 7, 2018, Punch Newspapers Online reported that the government of the United Kingdom was poised to deport about one thousand highly skilled Nigerian immigrants.

According to the UK Home Office, some of them provided false information while arranging a visa to the United Kingdom. When it comes to the falsification of documents or improper visa application, rest assured offenders will pay the price.

There is no law that pardons ignorance of the law. It is man’s duty to seek knowledge and apply it where appropriate. We all want to get the green light after putting in our best, however, that depends on us following the rules of the game.

Visa application process changes with time. There was a time when visa applications were done manually. The Internet has forced an end to that. Applications are presently done online, and where necessary, interviews are done physically.

Here are a few things to understand for UK Visa application in Nigeria.

UK Visa Types

Travelling abroad is vastly different from taking a flight to another state within Nigeria or other ECOWAS countries.

With the UK, there are different visa types depending on your purpose of travel. Even within the visa types, there are sub-types.

For example, students visa has short-term study visa, child study visa, and general study visa. Check out the different visa types here.

There are about 21 visa types at your disposal (

Read thoroughly and ensure the visa type you choose covers all you want to do in the UK.

UK Visa for Nigerian Citizens-Where to Apply. 

The following steps are mandatory for proper UK Visa application process:

  1. All UK visa applications can be done at UK government Visas and Immigration here.
  2. After signing up, there are questions you should answer regarding your application. You should have your passport and relevant documents nearby.
  3. At the moment, for those who want to make applications for a standard visitor visa, marriage visitor visa or a one-month permitted paid engagements visa can apply using their new service found here.

Filling out the UK visa application form online is a critical aspect of the application.

You must pay close attention to the following details:

  1. Your first name must be same as that on your passport bio page, including other names.
  2. Birthdate must tally with your birth certificate and in the proper order. By proper order I mean month/day/year, depending on the format they advocate NOT based on the format in your document.
  3. Ensure you don’t misspell any word. To be absolutely sure, someone can recheck the information you provide for proper spelling and exactness. It might look trivial but it pays. Teleperformance limited can do the checking for you if you are disposed to pay for it.
  4. Finally, don’t assume. Wherever possible let every claim you make be validated by your documents. You will need providing those documents to brace up your claims during your interview.

UK Visa Fees In Nigeria

After filling the online application, you need to pay the visa fees before scheduling an appointment. For exact visa fees, please check here.

On completion of your application, a unique GWF number will be given to you for application tracking purposes. Take note of this number. Do not lose it.

With the unique GWF number, you are now ready to register on the Teleperformance website.

Registration with Teleperformance Nigeria

Teleperformance limited is a commercial partner company to the UK government with respect to visa application management. They were delegated to handle UK visa applications in Nigeria, and are located in Lagos and Abuja.

If you opted for an appointment in Lagos or Abuja, ensure you apply on the Teleperformance website meant for that particular location. The site for Lagos is, while for Abuja is

There are added services you can purchase with this company regarding your application. Such services include:

  1. Express Courier return
  2. Form Filling assistance
  3. Walk-In Without appointment
  4. SMS notification to know when your application is ready for collection
  5. Priority visa service
  6. Super Priority visa service
  7. Group appointment service
  8. Application and Document checks

You can find those services and many more here.

Documents Required for UK visa application for Nigeria Citizens

When applying for a UK visa in Nigeria, the following requirements are of the essence:

  1. A valid national passport. You need to have the ECOWAS approved passport.
  2. A printed copy of the confirmation of the appointment.
  3. Printed receipt(s) of payment if you opted for added services with TLScontact (Teleperformance limited).
  4. The UK visa application form you filled and submitted online.
  5. Original bank statement. This should be recent and no more than six months old. It is an important part of your application, as, without proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay, your application won’t fly.
  6. Photocopy of your passport Bio page.
  7. A copy of utility bills as proof of place of residence.
  8. Details of your flight itinerary and hotel accommodation (if applicable).

The requirements stated above are the mandatory ones. However, there are several others depending on the visa type you want to acquire.

To get the full list, check this link. It is a document in PDF with all the requirements for each visa type.

Documents you need when attending your visa interview appointment at Teleperformance Nigeria office.

“Printed copy of your appointment confirmation;
Printed receipt(s) of payment of added value services (if applicable);
Original valid passport (or travel document) and residence permit original and copy in A4 format (if applicable);
Supporting documents that you wish to submit (in A4 format, with copies of all originals, removing staples and paperclips);
The first page of the VAF or the checklist.”

UK Visa In Nigeria Processing times

Based on how urgent you want to make the trip, you can get your UK visa on the same day of application or within 5 days. It was made official in 2017 by the British High Commissioner while marking the 40th anniversary of NBBC (Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce) in Lagos.

According to the High Commissioner, the maximum turn around time for all classes of visa has been reduced to 15 days. You can check the processing times for the visa type you seek here.

About 91% of all visas applications are processed within 15 days. For a long-term stay, the percentage is 93%

About 91% of all visas applications are processed within 15 days. For a long-term stay, the percentage is 93%.

With proper application process, right documents, detailed itinerary, and up to par funds in place; getting a UK visa isn’t that much of a problem.

For the records, in 2016 ninety per cent (90%) of Nigerians who applied for student visas were granted, while for other visa types 70% were successful.


In summary, these are the steps in applying for UK visa in Nigeria:

Step A. Register on the UK government Visas and Immigration Website to:

  1. Find out what type of visa you need and what documents you need to prepare
  1. Fill your online application form, pay visa fee and book an appointment at Teleperformance Visa Application Centre in Lagos or Abuja.
  2. Receive a unique GWF Number that you will use to register on Teleperformance TLSContact website.
    You will be able to check your appointment details whenever you log on to the UK Visas and Immigration website.

Step B. Register on Teleperformance TLScontact website. This will enable you to:

  1. Easy check in when attending your appointment at TLSContact visa application centre.
  2. Purchase Added Value Services for a more convenient application experience.
  3. Start enabling your Teleperformance Nigeria visa status application tracker.

Step C. Attend your visa interview appointment at Teleperformance TLScontact.

Step D. Teleperformance TLSContact will transfer your application to UK Visas and Immigration for assessment and processing.

Step E. Collect your Passport.

While countries are tightening their borders, it behoves on immigrants to make their argument strong enough and backed by funds and valid documents to gain entrance.

A new adventure beckons as you set your gaze on the United Kingdom.


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