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US Visa Application in Nigeria 2020-The Essential Guide

Get the correct facts and procedures about US visa types, visa fees, required documents and processing times during your US visa application in Nigeria.

How to Apply for US Visa in Nigeria and live the American Dream

 It is an axiom that travelling constitutes part of education. It gives you the opportunity to explore differences in culture, acquire unfamiliar languages, open new doors, challenge yourself, and encounter new people.

The United States of America is one of such places worth visiting. Apart from the opportunities mentioned, you stand a chance to fulfil the dreams of your life.

For example, the Washington Post has it that a record number of billionaires in the United States of America are immigrants. Some of such persons are Elon Musk (CEO. Tesla), Sergey Brin (Google Co-founder), Shahid Khan (owner of Jacksonville Jaguars), and Jorge Perez (real estate Mogul).

Dubbed the home of the brave and the land of the free, America stands behind no other nation under the sun. For some people, the U.S.A. is not just a place but also an experience.

Indisputably, America is where everyone has the right and support to become whatever he or she wants to be. Former President Obama is a living testament to that claim.

Believe me, travelling to the United States of America would be one of the most prudent decisions of your life.

US Visa Application in Nigeria

Securing visas to the U.S. isn’t as difficult as many would have you believe. The process is clear enough for anyone to follow.

US Visa categories in Nigeria

There are just two visa types for foreigners who want to travel to the USA. They are:

  1. Non-immigrant Visas
  2. Immigrant Visas.

The immigrant visas are for foreign citizens who want to live permanently in the USA.

The Non-immigrant visas comprise the following types:

  1. Tourism
  2. Temporary employment
  3. Study
  4. Exchange
  5. Business
  6. Domestic employee
  7. Transit/ship crew

How to Apply for US Visa in Nigeria-steps for Non-immigrant Visas

1. Check Visa Type and Payment

To launch your application there is a need to check the type of visa you require. For non-immigrant visa types, you can check here.

After you’ve confirmed the actual visa type you want to apply for; it is time to pay the visa fee.

Yes! You heard me. You pay first before making an application. The fee differs for each visa type and once paid a refund is impossible. You can find the price here.

You can pay online or at a local bank near you. At the moment, physical visa fee payments are made in Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. (GTBank). You can get more information here.

2. Fill the DS-160 form-The US Visa Application form

Once payment is cleared, the Form DS-160, us visa application form, is next in line. Click here to get the form.

You have to fill out and submit it online. If you are travelling with kids, the same rule holds true for all of them.

To attend your interview, a printed confirmation page of the form must be provided. Also ensure the barcode number on the form confirmation page is available.

Completing this form is very critical as no changes will be allowed once you click the submit button. So re-check and re-check until you are sure all the information and spellings are correct before submission.

3. Creating a Personal Profile

Setting up your profile comes after you’ve submitted your Form DS-160 online. You can start building your profile by clicking here.

To set up your profile account, you will need an email address and password. On the profile page, you will also fill in your personal data, select location for document delivery, select visa type, and confirm your visa payment.

To schedule an appointment, follow the link on the left-hand side of your profile dashboard. Visa appointments can be made with a phone call, too. Click here to get information on their call centres.

Requirements for US Visa Interview in Nigeria

For a non-immigrant visa appointment, ensure the following items are available:

  1. Your passport number: Your passport MUST be valid for up to six months beyond the number of days/months you intend staying in the United States.
  2. The GTBank receipt of visa application payment.
  3. The confirmation page of your Form DS-160.
  4. The barcode number from the Form DS-160 confirmation page. It is a ten-digit code.
  5. A valid phone number and email address.
  6. Where applicable, you should provide documents based on the class of visa you want. If unsure, do refer to their visa types and information page found here.

Note that you can reschedule your appointment but don’t exceed the allowable limit.

US Visa Application Appointment wait time in Nigeria

Visitor visa and all other non-immigrant visas come with an appointment wait time of 150 calendar days. The student and Exchange visitor visas remain the unique difference in that category with just 2 calendar days.

However, the consular can bring forward your interview appointment if your case demands urgent attention. Such cases include a medical emergency, funeral, and school start date.

In order not to abuse the gesture, the consular would demand proof or proofs of why you should be given an earlier appointment.

US Embassy in Nigeria Address

The U.S. Embassy is located in Abuja and the address is:

U.S. Embassy, Abuja

Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive

Central District Area, Abuja


The telephone number is (234)-9-461-400. Fax: (234)-9-461-4171. The email address is: [email protected]


The U.S. Consulate General is located in Lagos and the address is:

U.S. Consulate General, Lagos

2 Walter Carrington Crescent

Victoria Island


Telephone: (234)-1-460-3400

Fax: (234)-1-261-2218

Email: [email protected] (email is for Nonimmigrant Visas enquiries)

       [email protected] (this is for immigrant visas enquiries)



Once your visa is approved, it will be sent to the drop-off location you specified when you scheduled your appointment. There are no extra fees to be paid for the delivery. DHL handles your document, and their charge is included in the visa application fee you paid.

If you stay in Lagos, you can change the delivery address for your document until 11:59 PM a day before your interview. You can also do it via their call centre 9 am to 7 pm within 24 hours to your interview. Changes are done at no cost.

For those who want to pick up their passport in Port Harcourt after interviewing in Lagos or Abuja, there is a premium service for you. Unless qualified for interview waiver, the service will cost you just #5,000 (five thousand naira only).

At the location in Port Harcourt, you should present an original photo ID issued by the Nigerian government. A photocopy of the same ID is also required for the purpose of identification.

If someone else is picking it up on your behalf, he/she should go with a government-issued photo ID and a completed proxy letter signed by you.

You can track your passport here.


According to website, the number of non-immigrant visas issued to Nigerians stood at 168, 980 in 2017. The figure accounts for about 32.78% of non-immigrant visas issued to Africans in 2017 by the government of the U.S.

With that in mind, there is a good chance your visa application will become a success story. Just follow the steps and ensure your documents are valid.

There is nothing stopping you if you meet the requirements for the visa type you seek.

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